GSI Laser 229.365.00

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GSI 229.365.00 – Probe Card Interface Board

gsi laser

gsi laser

Probing System The M310 is designed to integrate testing of the devices to be trimmed into the system hardware and software. The nature of the instrumentation used for this purpose can vary widely with the intended target device(s), but each testing system depends upon the ability to place test probes onto the target device in a precise manner, and only when needed. This capability is provided through the use of a probe card which is customdesigned2 for the intended target device, and mounted in a motorized framework that raises and lowers it onto the wafer on demand. Figure 3-33 shows the relative positions of the probe frame and probe card as they relate to the laser beam and the forcer assembly (including the chucktop and the target wafer). Figure 3-34 illustrates how the probe card is positioned over the wafer, yet allows the laser to pass through uninterrupted.

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