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GSI TS260 Stop Trim Interface Card

GSI 229.260.00 – TS260 Stop Trim Board [LL Server]

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The TS260 Stop Trim Interface Card (slot B18) is typically used in conjunction with the TS900 Test System and/or the HP 3458A Multimeter. The TS260 is a multichannel handshake signal interface card that conditions the signals that
pass between an M310 and the external test instruments. These instruments are typically selected to support resistor trim operations. The Stop Trim card gets power and ground from the backplane. Other signals are exchanged through two 20-pin header connectors, four BNC connectors, and a 40-pin header connector.
There have been variations of the TS260 used in several M310 installations. The following material applies to those variants only in a general sense.
Operating Modes – There are two operating modes for the TS260: Test Mode
and Trim Mode. This is controlled by the bit status on J3-29 (B1):

B1 = 1 Trim Mode
B1 = 0 Test Mode

Connections – The actual cable connections will vary based upon the system
configuration. The most commonly used include:

• J3 is normally connected to the TS227 board in slot A4.

• J4 (SRQ EXT OUT) is normally connected to the EXT SIG OUT connection on
the HP 3458A or its equivalent. This signal indicates that the measured values has
reached the predefined setpoint for that measurement and that trimming should be stopped.

• J5 (MUX CH CL/AUX 1) is used to detect that the Multiplexer channel has been
successfully changed. This is not normally used in most M310 systems.

• J6 (MUX INC/AUX I/O) is used to increment the HP Multiplexer (or equivalent)
that is used to step between test probes on the probe card. This is not normally
used in most M310 systems.

• J7 (EXT TRIG) is connected to the EXT TRIG IN connection of the HP 3458A or
its equivalent. This signals the meter to make a measurement

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