GSI 225.596.07 – Bit3 Board MultiBus

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GSI 225.596.07 – Sbus-Multibus Adapter

GSI 225.596.07 - Bit3 Board MultiBus

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The Sbus-Multibus adapter card provides a backplane connection between the host computer and the M310 laser trim system. The adapter is a two-card set with one card interfacing to the Sbus installed in the host computer and the other (interfacing to the Multibus I backplane) located in card cage slot A10. The two cards are connected via a special data cable, allowing the computer to act as the Multibus master. Address mapping permits the Sbus to directly access Multibus memory as though it were local to the computer controller.
Further information can be found in Section 3.5. Two red LEDs on the Sbus-Multibus adapter card are used to indicate device status: • LED 2 (labeled “CEN” on the card) is ON when the card sees a 0 on the BPRN line. Thus LED 2 should always be ON if the system has power. • LED 1 (labeled “CMD” on the card) blinks when data is being transferred between the system computer and the I/O bus.

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